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Enlaces sugeridos por K-Government el 15 de Abril, 2009
15 de abril de 2009

Enlaces que pueden interesaros:

  • EGOVIG – eGovernment Interest Group – The mission of the eGovernment Interest Group (eGov IG) is to explore how to improve access to government through better use of the Web and achieve better government transparency using open Web standards at any government level (local, state, national and multi-national). The eGov IG is designed as a forum to support researchers, developers, solution providers, and users of government services that use the Web as the delivery channel, and enable broader collaboration across eGov practitioners.
  • Speak For Change – SpeakForChange simplifies the process when you want to say something to Congress. All you need is a phone and a zipcode. Just dial our toll free number and follow the prompts to find your representative, and you'll be able to leave her a voice message in no time.
  • Utah.Gov Launches Two Free iPhone Applications – Utah.Gov, the official Web site of the state of Utah, announced today the release of the free “Utah.Gov” and “Utah Professional License Lookup” iPhone applications, available immediately through the Apple iTunes Store. Utah is the first state government in the nation to develop and release an iPhone application.
  • Media 2.0 Workgroup – Social, Democratic, Distributed – The Media 2.0 Workgroup is a group of industry commentators, agitators and innovators who believe that the phenomena of democratic participation will change the face of media creation, distribution and consumption. Join the conversation…
  • Europatweets – Tweet Europe! – Europatweets makes Members of the European Parliament closer to their citizens.

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    Enlaces sugeridos por K-Government el 15 de Abril, 2009

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